Slab Crack Repair


A slab foundation is a layer of concrete poured over a prepared surface on top of which a structure is built.

Changes in surroundings will cause the concrete foundation to crack.

Several ways to fix a crack including polyurethane foam injections

Usually a symptom of a larger problem.

A Cracked Foundation Could Tear Your Home Apart!

If your home is on a slab foundation, and you are experiencing issues with the ground floor, there is a chance that your foundation is cracked and needs to be repaired right away. How can you tell if you have a break in your slab foundation? Signs of this problem include floors that are sloping or otherwise not level, bumps in the carpet, doors and windows that are difficult to open and close, broken floor tiles, and cracks around windows and door frames. If you see any of this in or around your home, it is time to call a professional.

Fix Your Flawed Foundation

Calling in an expert from the Foundation Depot is your first step towards repairing the damage to your foundation before it gets any worse. Our inspectors will come to survey your home and assess what is needed to fix the present cracks and prevent any future cracks from occurring.

There are many ways to fix a crack in a slab foundation. A crack can be fixed with a polyurethane foam injection, which is also a good way to prevent water leakage through the foundation. More typically, the portion of concrete is replaced with new concrete to ensure a strong foundation. Once the crack is repaired, it is a good idea to address the larger issue which can include soil replacement or additional necessary drainage.

The typical steps to fixing a slab crack is as follows:

  • Prepare the concrete to be poured.
  • Make an outline of the area to be cut.
  • Soften and prepare concrete for demolition.
  • Use a saw to cut the outlined area of concrete.
  • Demolish and remove the cut out area.
  • Drill and place steel rebar reinforcement.
  • Tie together all rebar connections.
  • Pour concrete and level to finish.

A Happy Homeowner Once Again

With your slab foundation repaired and the cracks you once knew a thing of the past, you can rest easily knowing that your home is sitting atop a foundation that is sturdy and capable of bearing the weight. More than that, Foundation Depot experts can evaluate your property and address the larger problem that caused the cracking. Then you take solace with the knowledge that not only has the symptom been addressed but additionally the larger problem has been addressed.

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