Sister Foundation Repaircracked-foundation2


A second foundation built next to the first.

Used to provide additional load bearing support.

Exterior walls are still visible.

Needs inspections and approvals.

Support Where You Need It Most

Foundation wall failure is a serious problem. Your home’s structural integrity could be compromised and it could potentially lead to a dangerous and costly collapse if not taken care of immediately. If the walls of your foundation are failing, it may be time to consider having a sister wall installed. When you need to save your structure, it’s time to call in the professionals.

While the exterior walls are still supported by the original foundation, a sister wall is a less expensive way to provide additional support. A second foundation built right next to the first, the sister wall aides the original foundation in supporting the load bearing walls of the home and maintaining structural integrity.

Lean On Us…

The foundation repair experts from Foundation Depot are there for you the minute you pick up the phone. The first step in the process of reinforcing your failing foundation walls is to have one of our friendly and knowledgeable inspectors come out and take a look at the damage and figure out the right course of action to reinforce the base of your residence. If a sister wall is what is needed, the process of installation includes the following:
• Place rebar for reinforcement.
• Prepare and pour concrete over rebar.

Although certain clearances are needed to build a sister wall, it is used as an option to maintain the look and feel of the outside of the home. Sister walls normally require building permits and inspections by building authorities.

A sister wall would be beneficial for a variety of older foundation types including river rock and stone foundations and brick foundations. These foundations are typically not properly reinforced and don’t stand up through the test of time. Adding an additional concrete foundation, reinforced with steel and rebar, will strengthen your homes foundation.

There Were Never Such Devoted Sister Walls

You will be glad you called us when the job is done and your sister wall has been installed with ease and expertise. Knowing that your failing foundation walls now are being supported by a stronger and capable sister wall, you can be reassured that your home is and will continue to be in good standing.

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