Foundation Waterproofing


Waterproofing your foundation will prevent mold from growing in your foundation.

If mold starts to grow in your foundation, it can travel through the floorboards and into the home.

Mold takes about 48 hours to form in a damp indoor space.

Hydrostatic pressure contributes to foundation leaks.

Water, Water everywhere and you don’t want a drop in your house!

If you live in an area that sees a lot of rain or if your home is not equipped with the right drainage system to properly flow water away from the base of your home, then you should be concerned about the potential unwelcome presence of water in your home.

There are a variety of possibilities for nasty issues involving flooding and water damage if you do not properly keep your home water proofed. As your home’s foundation is tasked with bearing its entire weight, any kind of weakness created by water could be a threat to the structure at large. This could cause the foundation to collapse or even your home to fall off of its foundation.

Why is a waterproof foundation important?

Obviously waterproofing is an excellent way to keep water from entering your foundation. When waterproofing is applied to an exterior side of a foundation wall, the protective membrane stops water from getting through the walls and into the basement interior. Once the water gets in, problems can occur. Mold, termites and rot all thrive in a moist environment, to name a few.

Foundation waterproofing must do three things
• Withstand water under hydrostatic pressure (pressure that increases as the amount of water increases)
• Stop water vapor from entering a basement or crawl space
• Protect cracks in the foundation to ensure water won’t get through.

Waterproofing success!

It is highly important to have the foundation of your home properly waterproofed in order to ensure its strength and security. While concrete itself is an incredibly hard material, it is still easily cracked in the presence of enough water. As such, keeping the concrete foundation of your home safe and free of water damage is absolutely essential.

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