Foundation Underpinning



Underpinning is used when a foundation isn’t strong enough to continue supporting a structure.

Can be from a problem or just deteriorated over time.

Additional supports are added to the existing foundation.

Typically uses concrete.

A Nightmare of Instability

If you are being kept up at night by the sound of squeaky floors or if you are riddled with worry over the sight of ugly cracks in your walls or ceilings, your home may be in need of foundation repair. If you have concerns that your original foundation isn’t strong enough, the properties of your soil have changed or you are considering adding additional stories to your building, you may be in need of foundation repair. If you’re worried that your load bearing walls may not be as structurally sound as they used to be, you may need an expert to evaluate your foundation.

If you believe that your home may require foundation repair, it’s time to call in the experts.

A Dependable Solution

One technique that is most common in foundation repair is that of underpinning. When you contact us at the Foundation Depot, we will send one of our friendly and helpful inspectors to come take a look at your home and determine just the right solution for your home’s foundation issues.

The process of underpinning strengthens an existing structures foundation. Typically, Boxes are dug underneath the existing foundation and new concrete is poured into the boxes. Another method of underpinning is known as the beam and base method. In this method, a reinforced concrete beam is constructed above, below or in replacement of the existing footing. The beam then assists the current foundation in supporting the weight of the home.

Additionally, underpinning may extend the foundation in depth or width so a greater area to support your structure is created.

If underpinning is needed, the standard process will go as follows:

  • Excavate the soil around the home’s foundation.
  • Add rebar reinforcements to the holes around the home.
  • Prepare concrete for pouring.
  • Pour concrete into the now reinforced holes.
  • Allow concrete to set and then finish.

Underpinning? Winning!

Now that your foundation has been pinned and your load bearing walls have been reinforced, your home’s structural integrity has been fortified. Having your foundation reinforced with rebar and concrete will allow you to feel confident in knowing that your home is safe, stable, and secure.

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